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Poker Fighter is an Online Poker Training App that allows you to play Risk-Free poker while getting Instant Feedback from Professional Players.

You can Play, Practice and Improve using this Unique Online Poker Trainer that Simulates Real Cash Games.

The Game was designed to offer a better access to the Poker World for Newbies and Experienced Players who want to Maximize their Winnings and Improve their understanding of the game. We provide the Best Value for Online Games up to $0.25-$0.50 and Live Games up to $1-$2.

Your Journey to becoming a Poker Shark starts Here!






    Compete VS Your Friends and Players Around the World, Conquer the Leaderboards to Prove you are the Best.


    Learn how to Crush Various Opponents at the Poker Table, Both Live and Online.


    Direct Access to Infinite Variety of Scenarios and Spots, 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week.


    Turn the Game you Love into a Profitable Hobby, without Risking any Real-Money.


    Get Instant Feedback on Your Actions and Decisions, Including the Thought Process of a Pro.


    Comfortable Pricing Plans and no Commitment, Allows Everyone to Improve their Game.


Coaching Sites don't offer the possibility of risk-free practice, and offer many different approaches for the game used by known and popular players. Strategies that work for those seasoned Pros will not necessarily work for you.
Private Coaching is usually very expensive (at least 50$ per hour), and involves short learning sessions (2-3 hours per session). Private coaching is usually done through Live Sweat or Hand History Review, while the Coach tries to find leaks in your game based on a small sample. Booking a coaching session with a Pro Poker Player is not an easy task.
Statistical Tools such as Tracking Software, HUDs etc. offer only Numbers and Frequencies, and trust you to translate this information into a winning poker strategy. Players who lack the experience with Mathematical Thinking and Statistical Rationalization usually take poor decisions while trying to use this Information.
Poker Fighter is offering you an intuitive feedback on actual poker decisions, while focusing on the specific spots you want to improve. It lets you Practice these scenarios without Risking Real-Money, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Poker Fighter is a Complex Poker Mind that uses various tools to analyze any poker hand, and offers the suitable solution based on the Player Types involved in the hand. The Solutions are then being explained in a simple language to offer the best learning experience possible. All the decisions and advices are based on Optimal Strategies developed by Pro Poker Players who tested them in Millions of Poker hands.
Given good understanding of Poker Fighter Theory and Implementation, you should beat Live Cash Games up to $1-$2, and Online Cash Games up to $0.25-$0.50. The reason behind the difference is that Live games are usually much softer than Online Poker.
The most common mistake of Poker Players is to play too much Pre-Flop, which results in tough spots and decisions Post-Flop.
Poker Fighter teaches Optimal Strategy VS Loose Passive Opponents that usually play wide variety of cards Pre-Flop, following by a somewhat Passive play-style Post-Flop. These Players are very common in Live Cash Games and Low-Stakes Online Games. They don't Re-Raise with weak holdings Pre-Flop, nor they Raise Drawing Hands Post Flop.
Most Novice Poker Players choose their Bet Sizing according to their Hand Strength and what they "want to happen". By doing that, they give lots of information to their Opponents.
Poker-Fighter takes a balanced approach and use the same sizing for every spot rather than changing it based on strength.
Pre-Flop it uses Standard Bet Sizing based on your Position at the table.
Post-Flop it uses Standard Bet Sizing based on the Board Texture and Pot Size.
Super Easy! Log into the game and click on the green UPGRADE button on the top right of the screen.
If you want to test the Poker Fighter before committing, you are more than welcome to Try it Out NOW for free, in the free Scenarios that are open to everybody.
If you want to check out the Premium Levels, you can choose between 1-month, 3-months, or 6-months plans. Like in Poker, planning your strategy in advance brings to better results.


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